Episode 18

The Auto Repair Artist with Dave McClung

Welcome to Near Me Radio, where automotive professionals gather to explore the fascinating world of auto repair. In this captivating episode, titled "The Auto Repair Artist with Dave McClung," your host, Ryan Burton, takes you on a thrilling journey alongside Dave McClung, owner of Autobahn Automotive.

Dave's captivating story begins with an unexpected twist. Before he became an esteemed figure in the auto repair industry, Dave was a musician who faced a series of car troubles during his daily commute to college. What started as a necessity soon transformed into a passion for fixing cars. As his skills grew, people began recognizing his expertise and offering him payment for repairing their vehicles. Dave's dedication led him to change his major and pursue formal education in auto repair.

Unsatisfied with the practices of large chain stores, Dave yearned for a more transparent and customer-centric approach. This burning desire for excellence motivated him to establish his own repair shop, Autobahn Automotive. His vision was clear: to personally select and install high-quality parts, communicate directly with customers, and provide them with clear explanations of the repair process.

Autobahn Automotive's humble beginnings saw the opening of a small 2500 square foot shop in an industrial park. With Dave at the helm and a small team of technicians, the focus was on delivering exceptional repairs and ensuring customer satisfaction. However, the journey didn't stop there. Dave's unwavering dedication to improvement led him to analyze every aspect of the business. This introspection and attention to detail paved the way for a move to a more visible location, occupying a smaller yet strategically designed 1800 square foot shop.

The evolution of Autobahn Automotive continued as Dave's commitment to excellence paid off. The current location, situated in an affluent town, reflects his unwavering pursuit of perfection. From the moment customers step inside, they are greeted by an ambiance that evokes luxury and comfort. Pristine white floors, fragrant floral scents from wax melts, and meticulous attention to every detail create an unparalleled experience for clients.

Under Dave's visionary leadership, Autobahn Automotive has experienced tremendous growth. From generating a modest revenue of $190,000 in its first year, the shop now boasts an astonishing $3.2 million in annual sales. With the recent addition of two more lifts, Autobahn Automotive now houses six two-post lifts and a lime rack. The team has expanded to include six skilled technicians, a dedicated quality control specialist, two service advisors, a store manager, an in-house bookkeeper, a parts manager, and a talented social media expert who ensures the shop's online presence remains vibrant and engaging.

As you immerse yourself in the episode "The Auto Repair Artist with Dave McClung," expertly guided by Ryan Burton, you'll witness the transformation of a passionate musician into an industry-leading automotive professional. Prepare to be inspired by Dave's tireless pursuit of excellence, his commitment to transparency, and his unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. Near Me Radio invites you to embark on this enlightening journey, where every episode unravels a new layer of automotive expertise and fuels your passion for the art of auto repair.

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