Episode 4

WEBINAR REPLAY: Phone tips to get more cars over the curb with Guy Roberts

WEBINAR REPLAY: Guy Roberts the Director of Sales Fix appeared on the Leads Near Me webinar series on March 24th, 2023. Here is a replay of the audio portion on Near Me Radio. Improve your phone skills.

Near Me Radio is sponsored by Leads Near Me a marketing company for auto repair shops https://leadsnearme.com/and APAC ATI which can be found at https://apacati.org/

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Ryan Burton is the Founder & Owner of Leads Near Me a Digital Marketing Company for Auto Repair Shops. Ryan has spent the last 20+ years in marketing including 8 years on air as a radio announcer. Near Me Radio was born from thousands of conversations with Repair Shop owners & realizing we have a unique voice that needs to be shared. The podcast has a "radio feel" paying tribute to Ryan's days on the radio.