Episode 15

The Right Choices with Rob Choisser

Introducing "The Right Choices": A Journey from Mobile Diagnostic Business to Multi-Location Success.

Join Ryan Burton on the latest episode of Near Me Radio's podcast, "The Right Choices," as he sits down with automotive professional Rob Choisser, owner of a thriving auto repair shop. In this engaging conversation, Rob takes us back to the early days of his business and shares his remarkable journey from a solopreneur with a mobile diagnostic service to the proud owner of a brick-and-mortar facility.

Rob vividly describes the transition he underwent in 2013 when he moved into his current building after years of it being vacant. The process involved extensive renovations, from pouring new concrete floors to setting up new electrical systems. March of 2014 marked a significant milestone as Rob officially opened the doors to his shop in Davidsonville, celebrating the first decade in business.

Reflecting on those initial months, Rob recalls the unique challenges of shifting from a mobile business to a physical location. The dynamics completely changed as he transformed from a one-man show to a business owner with employees. Insurance, workers' compensation, liability—all these factors demanded his attention. He no longer had the flexibility to accommodate personal schedules, but his customers understood the purpose behind the new operating hours and continued to support him.

Ryan and Rob delve into the financial aspects of the early days, highlighting the dedication and determination it took to establish a solid foundation. Rob's technician's departure to work for Tesla right before the move-in presented an unexpected hurdle. Nevertheless, he learned the importance of building a talented team and charging appropriately for services, a lesson that shifted his mindset from being a technician to becoming an entrepreneur.

The conversation then fast-forwards to the present, with Rob revealing the impressive growth of his business. In 2022, his shop generated over $1.7 million in revenue, thanks to a dedicated and efficient team. With this success, Rob shares his plans for a second location, which is currently in the works. He discusses the challenges of starting a new shop and emphasizes the importance of thorough research, strategic decision-making, and team empowerment.

Listeners will be captivated as Rob candidly shares his experiences and offers valuable insights to single shop owners considering expansion. His story serves as a reminder to always be prepared, even in the face of adversity, and to recognize the right opportunity when it presents itself.

Tune in to "The Right Choices" on Near Me Radio to gain inspiration, learn from Rob Choisser's journey, and discover how to navigate the exciting path of expanding an automotive business.

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