Episode 17

Introducing ShopGenie the Next Generation CRM for Auto Repair Pros

In this episode of Near Me Radio "Introducing ShopGenie the Next Generation CRM for Auto Repair Pros" host Ryan Burton talks to Kieran O'Brien, the CEO of ShopGenie. They discuss a new software called ShopGenie that helps auto repair shops. Shop owners can sign up for it now.

ShopGenie is a special platform that can make managing an auto repair shop easier. It has features like reminders for services, appointments, and online scheduling. This helps shops give better service to customers and work more efficiently.

Kieran thinks it's important to use new technology to meet the needs of younger customers, a new emerging generation of shop owners. ShopGenie has things like online scheduling, review generation, marketing automation, and texting. It also connects with other shop management systems to make things easier for owners.

They also talk about how ShopGenie might use AI in the future. It could use data from auto repairs to create a computer assistant that helps shop owners and gives personalized service to customers.

If you want to learn more, listen to the episode of Near Me Radio "Introducing ShopGenie the Next Generation CRM for Auto Repair Pros" and meet Kieran O'Brien.

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Ryan Burton is the Founder & Owner of Leads Near Me a Digital Marketing Company for Auto Repair Shops. Ryan has spent the last 20+ years in marketing including 8 years on air as a radio announcer. Near Me Radio was born from thousands of conversations with Repair Shop owners & realizing we have a unique voice that needs to be shared. The podcast has a "radio feel" paying tribute to Ryan's days on the radio.